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Top reasons to Buy Real Instagram Likes?

The boost that will come from purchased Instagram real likes may seem too easy, but overall it represents a substantial investment in your IG account. As a consequence you will:

  1. Raise credibility
  2. Increase Visibility
  3. Potentially boost your revenue

Such outcomes may be accomplished within a few days (relying on your delivery time frame and ordered number of likes). When you use GetLikes to buy ig likes, you can boost your Instagram profile quickly and qualitatively without spending lots of time and energy reaching such results and providing similar outcomes.

If you have to purchase Instagram likes also depends on your reasons for using Instagram. Are you looking to become an influencer that will focus mainly on sponsorship collaborations? Do you want to increase your business's social media appearance? Are you searching to grow your IG to create content and want to reach bigger auditory and engagement rates? If you have found your situation in one of the previous questions, you can always buy Instagram likes from us.

It is already well-known that the number of likes represents a social equivalent that authenticates your value in the social networking industry. This is why real Instagram likes are worth boosting to weigh your account against your opponents. For example: If your account possesses 1000 likes on Instagram and your competitors hold more than 50,000 IG likes, then it is undeniable that you would only attract a few users to your account towards the account holding more likes. Moreover, the potential customers will only choose a particular company which is having the highest rate of likes and will increase their chances to purchase more products or services. Likes do not only settle your social image but also help to establish credibility among Instagram users. Therefore you need to focus on the plan you are practicing to gain likes, for example buy Instagram likes real from us.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back

We want you to have the best shopping experience. You are protected by our Money Back Guarantee, so in case you don’t get your order, you get refunded.

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Get Your
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Once your payment is approved, you will start getting new IG Likes! The order will be delivered shortly, depending on the ordered Likes.

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Customer Support

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How will Instagram Likes boost my account?

There are big chances to gain extra engagement rates if you buy real Instagram likes from us. When you purchase our instant Instagram likes or other types of packets for Instagram, you will become visible to many Instagram users. Consequently, it will raise interest about your Instagram profile and you will receive additional followers, likes and views from real Instagram users. Because of this, a lot of accounts with a big amount of likes are constantly buying Instagram likes. This represents a reliable marketing strategy that will increase your chances of growing the potential customer number or creating collaborations with business accounts (if you own a personal one and want to make money with Instagram).

How long does it take to get Instagram likes?

The delivery time frame depends mainly on the size of the package. We aim to deliver Instagram likes organic to assure your account's safety and trustability. Instagram likes delivery is instant and usually starts within a few seconds, while can take about 1 hour for average sized packages. This is because our implementation is meant to evade Instagram filters to ensure it is safe. The bigger likes package is, the bigger delivery time is. All of our instant Instagram likes are delivered on time. Also, we continuously improve our systems to assure the real-time orders delivery.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

GetLikes never share details with third parties. We do not provide information like Ig username, e-mail address that you provide during the sing in process. Moreover, we use PayPal, which represents one the world’s largest payment systems. Also it is considered the most secure payment platform. In order to see how much we care about your privacy and your security, you can check out GetLikes Privacy Policies.

GetLikes guarantee that it is 100% safe to get Instagram likes or other Instagram packages from us. We developed workable and efficient strategies in order to provide a visible boost of your Instagram account. Likes will raise your IG profile and supply hundreds of followers interested in your content. Consequently, more likes, comments and views that will grow your engagement rate is guaranteed. Our customers constantly achieve all this as we use reliable strategies that make our packages 100% safe and risk-free.

Can I split one package of Instagram likes between multiple posts?

One package can go only to one IG post. You just have to choose the desired pack of real IG likes and select the post that has to receive it.

Why Do People Trust Getlikes?

We do care about our reputation, that's why unlike our competitors we never deliver fake and empty Likes.

Our Instagram Likes
  • Unique Profile Photo
  • Unique Bio
  • Frequently Posts
  • Frequently Posts
  • Doesn't Likes on too Many Users
No Risk of Getting Suspended
Before IG account before GetLikes activity
After IG account after GetLikes help
Likes other providers
  • No Profile Photo (Default)
  • No or Poorly Written Bio
  • Anti-Social
  • No Likes of Their Own
  • Likes too Many Users
High Risk of Getting Suspended

What value do Instagram likes possess?

No matter what business you run, you have probably heard of real IG likes importance. You may have heard a lot of things about it. For example, it is a great method of attracting new accounts that may become your future customers for your business. Another benefit is that it represents a good technique for maintaining current customers and a great way of connecting with current, new, and potential customers. Real IG likes are an essential element in becoming successful on Instagram. They will help you to raise your engagement rate, how active you are and will show your posts' impact on the audience by the likes percentage received on them. Moreover, they will again prove how interesting your publications are and demonstrate that your followers are real accounts that are constantly appreciating the information or products you share with them. Without likes, you will find that your posts and page don’t get any traction on Instagram, and you will find it hard to really make an impression. To deal with this, you can use our services to purchase Instagram likes real accounts. The main concept is that the more likes you have, the more people will be aware of you. It means that your potential customers increase, and you have an excellent opportunity to turn all of your potential customers into actual customers. Once someone has liked your Instagram posts, they will constantly see posts from you. You can use these posts to promote your business or account, and potentially have thousands of repeat customers.

What type of Instagram accounts will like my posts?

You will receive likes from different Instagram users. All accounts that are delivered by our platform have:

  1. Unique Profile Photo
  2. Frequently Posts
  3. Own followers
  4. Unique Bio

Such kind of Instagram users will deliver instant Instagram likes. Do not hesitate to try it out and buy Instagram likes real with us.

Can I receive Instagram likes if my account is Private?

We are not able to deliver instant likes to Private Instagram accounts. Therefore, you can maintain your IG account in Public for a short time. However, to receive real Instagram likes, please keep your profile Public until the package is fully delivered to your post. After you receive your Instagram likes, you can set your profile back to Private without any risk to your order. Even if you accidentally put your account on Private, please message our assistant in the Live Chat. They will make sure you receive your order asap.

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Thanks to this service for allowing me to quickly develop myself on Instagram! I recommend everything, their promotional offers are just top!
As kindergarten headmaster, I decided to try an Instagram account to attract little clients. After buying comments and likes, the number of kids in the daycare doubled! Thank you for your help!
It's hard to keep a news page on Instagram, I know what it's like. But the service and their likes and followers helped me become popular and gain an audience!
Only after buying likes and comments did my account start to gain popularity. Thank you for your services, reliability and quality!
Thanks to, my sales have increased and my business has gained momentum. Thank you so much for such cool perks!
Evan Addington
Low price and fast delivery. 100 likes came in half an hour. I am satisfied.

Can my Instagram account get blocked for buying Instagram Likes?

There is no chance of being blocked. We guarantee that your account will never be blocked if you buy Instagram likes real accounts from GetLikes. Why are we so sure? Because there are no reasons to block your account. Millions of Instagram users and business accounts use GetLikes in marketing strategies to boost their engagement and reach on social media. If you buy real Instagram likes that are cheap and instant, you will surely receive great results as safe as any other marketing strategy, but it's way better.

Since the beginning of our activity, after delivering real Instagram likes to thousands of clients and we have never received any objection for being blocked on Instagram. We are keeping our customers’ personal data and information secure.

Main advantages to buy real Instagram likes from GetLikes?

Likes have the biggest value for business purposes and are among all the Instagram advantages, as they are meant to represent your brand’s or business's engagement. Moreover, likes also show your position in this platform to your followers and attract them. The number of real Instagram likes on represents the total number of accounts that appreciate and know you and your business and want to interact with your profile. It is already demonstrated that a sufficient amount of active likes on your post will boost your profile. Moreover, the increase of your online visibility is assured . It will also improve the brand appearance and plausibility and interes more users. As a matter of fact, most of the top companies use Instagram and run strategies to gain more active likes. The main goal of likes is not only to depict your reputation and credibility but are also the principal factor of the search result. If you are having a good amount of likes on your profile, buy Instagram likes real from us. This will not only boost your business sales but also helps you to get more attention from other users.

Will there be a drop in Instagram likes?

No. Our Instagram likes packages never drop. The promised amount of real Instagram likes will stay permanently on your post. If you experience any drop in likes number, you can immediately message our customer service representative, who will fix such situations directly with you.

How to choose the post which will get real Instagram likes?

You have just to insert your IG username and your email adres. After this, our website will automatically display all your posts and you will be able to choose one post per package. Once selected, real Instagram likes will be delivered instant.

Why are we the best site to get likes?

Here are advantages of GetLikes:

  • Cheap and affordable prices for our services
  • Paypal payment method available
  • High Quality comments
  • Organic and safe delivery
  • Thousands of satisfied Customers
  • Genuine and authentic users that like your posts
  • Boost your account

Can anyone find out that I buy real IG likes from GetLikes?

Your safety and privacy are our first concern that we are taking into consideration. No one will ever know that you buy Instagram likes real.