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Like is an indicator of engagement. The higher the engagement rate, the more valuable the account is for users. In addition to the global account rating, there is also a rating for each post. The faster a post gets likes, the more likely it is to end up in recommendations and attain the top based on the hashtags. You already know that a like is a social proof and this is why a lot of businesses are searching for accounts with a big number of likes on the post in order to begin a collaboration. The more hearts are placed under the post, the more new users will discover it. In order to understand where to go next in promoting your account, you need to analyze how correctly you are acting and whether you need to change something. Likes are the easiest way to understand if your content is interesting to readers. Likes are left by about 5% of your account followers. Thus, you can roughly calculate how your account is developing from post to post, what to write about more often, and what might be worth revising. If they like your content, then you are doing everything right. Do not skimp on the likes of those you follow and post the right content for your readers, getting more likes from them. As you can see, if you already know why Instagram likes are so important and how to get more likes for your posts, then you will work on it by investing your time, effort, efforts and emotions. But if you are clearly aware of your goal and know why you started all this, then you can simply buy 5000 Instagram likes

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