5 tips for how to use Instagram stories to get followers in 2022

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Use stories to get Instagram followers. It's a popular tool to promote your account that will give an opportunity to make your profile unique and popular.

Instagram launched the InstaStories option in 2016 to compete with Snapchat. Since then, stories have become more popular than classic posts.

Every day, stories are published by more than half a billion Instagram users. And the total number of new stories exceeds 1 billion daily.

How to use the stories to increase Instagram followers?

According to the Instagram algorithms, interaction with stories increases their rating in the feed. The more users respond to your stories, the more often they are streamed to other users.

Here are 5 simple ways to apply stories to increase your followers:

1.Generate creative content using effects

Content is what Instagram exists for. Simply photo won't allow applying a unique way to express yourself and play around with the simple themes. 

But story is quite another matter. You can use any videos and effects that Instagram offers. Make use them in full and be creative.

2.Create themed stories sections on your page

Stories on Instagram live for 24 hours. To keep the story alive, create separate sections on your profile by topics, by days, by meaning and by content.

To keep the story alive, create separate sections on your profile by topics, by days, by meaning and by content

This will give your audience a closer look at you than just using the posts. It will also increase the chances of subscribing.

3.Tag other users in stories

Tag your friends or other users in stories, whose attention you want to attract.

Don't forget that Instagram is a social network. Its purpose is to communicate and interact. Increase interaction through tagging.

4.Post stories from your Instagram page

Increase your posts coverage and attract more audiences with the option of publishing current posts to stories.

This gives a second life to your posts and allows updating meanings in a more dynamic way.

5.Use hashtags and place tags

Come up with and use your own unique hashtags. Also use existing ones from current and popular.

Remember about your tags. Any place in the world now can be tagged on Instagram. Everyone who has been there is sure to feel a response and react to your stories.

It's an extra engagement and an opportunity to get more new Instagram followers.


All Instagram tools are designed to make it easy to communicate with your audience. Stories are one of the most effective and popular.

So experiment, apply effects, masks, sounds, and tags.

All these will work and you're sure to get more Instagram followers, more likes, and more popularity.

Author: Alex Johnson
1 year ago
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