How to Get Likes on Instagram in 2022?

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Getting more reactions and likes to the posts is what every Instagram user wants. It's a way of recognizing the usefulness of your content and an identifier of your popularity.

How do you get likes on Instagram and grow your profile?

There are many ways. From a long way of trial and error to buying likes to give your profile a boost.

In 2019, Instagram tried experimenting on the Platform attempting to hide the likes under the posts. In this way, the service wanted to focus users` attention on the content rather than the likes.

But Instagram and likes are inseparable. How can the users know if they are moving in the right direction growing their account if they don't get a reaction?

That's why likes are cool and so important!

1.To get more likes on Instagram use attention-grabbing hashtags

Popular hashtags allow finding your profile by topic. A prime example of this is #catsofintagram and #cats


#catsofintagram and #cats

Search by topic allows users to see your posts if they have popular hashtags, and the content is relevant to the topic.

It won't be long in reactions coming and you'll get more Instagram likes.

2.Tag the users you're expecting reactions from in your post

You can tag even popular Instagram users on cool and interesting creatives to get them interested in your content. If they repost your publication, it will get a huge coverage, lots of likes, and your account will get extra subscribers.

You can tag even popular Instagram users on cool and interesting creatives to get them interested in your content

Also publish content that directly refers to your friends, and tag them. The appreciation will be expressed in likes and reactions.

3. Write descriptions for your posts on the relevant topics

If your post is about important topics, especially in the social sphere, it will catch the attention of a wide audience. Describe your feelings and your thoughts on the topic.


Set the tone and ask the right questions. Encourage a response to your post.

If you do it right, you will get the reaction you want.

4. Publish quality photos

Instagram users are aesthetes. People respond to good and quality images. So try to process photos before posting them to the social network.

You don't have to show off complicated design techniques, but retouching a photo using any software won't be out of place.

Publish quality ig photos

5. Tag your location

When you post an image from any public place, be sure to tag your location. Then all other users will be able to see the photo tagged.

In this way, your posts will get more coverage, and more users will be able to appreciate your creativity and like it.

tag your lication


To get more Instagram likes, always experiment. Try combining different ways to get attention. Use additional digital tools to make your content unique and modern. Also, keep an eye on the GetLikes website for updates, which can help you get Instagram likes instantly.

Author: Amy Maloney
1 year ago
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