How to Get More Instagram Followers?

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Instagram has long gone beyond the social network and in the modern world is an integral part of more than 2 billion users around the world. Everyone knows about Instagram, even if they don't use it. But it means that sooner or later they will join this Universe too.

Instagram is a way of self-realization, development, a way to start or expand your business. Someone needs more followers to get their message across. Someone wants to increase sales and get more clients for their business. All have different goals and objectives. But the effective tools are always the same.

How do you get more followers on Instagram if you need more audience reach than you have?

Here are some important tips to help increase your followers and make your account popular.

1. Create your account correctly – provide full information about yourself

Surely, the best way to promote yourself is to make a quality product. On Instagram, it's the right and understandable content. However, there is someone behind any product. But people don't like anonymous.

The 21st century is a time of personalities, understandable by the audience. No matter how bright and original the collages on your page are, a potential subscriber will always wonder, "Who's behind it? Who's doing it?"

We build trust, and identification through personal information. This is crucial for the users to start subscribing rather than just swiping your content.

We build trust, and identification through personal information
  1. Enter your name or Nickname
  2. Correctly determine the category of your account
  3. Describe what you do: simply and concisely.
  4. Use #hashtags to make your account unique
  5. Specify website address, if any

Don't be afraid to change information and update it for important events. This is what your audience will see first when they visit your account. So the profile description is a handy tool for calls to action and updates about you or your event.

2. Instagram Stories — tell your story in interesting and creative ways

Stories are opportunities to tell your story in creative ways. You can upload videos and photos, apply effects and music, and engage your audience with stories about yourself or your brand.

You can upload videos and photos, apply effects and music, and engage your audience

Group stories and create entire themed sections.

The more creative, interesting, and useful you do, the more likely visitors will subscribe to your content and continue monitoring changes in your Instagram account.

3. A unified style for Instagram creatives

When creating profile posts try to develop a consistent style. Note that the most popular Instagram profiles have their own unique visual identity.

When creating profile posts try to develop a consistent style

Instagram gives you the opportunity to express your personality, so use it to your full potential.

A unified style can be expressed in:

  1. color solutions
  2. fonts
  3. theme
  4. hashtags
  5. content

Always stick to a consistent style to be kept in mind of your audience and make them want to subscribe to your account.

4. Create useful content

Never forget to answer the main question, "Why should a user subscribe to you? What can you give your audience?"

It should be not just beautiful, but also useful. Keep an eye on global trends and generate your agenda depending on direction you are working in.

If your account is about business, tell more about the product, publish tips and tricks, show its merits and advantages.

Useful content always attracts users; they won't stay indifferent and will definitely subscribe to your Instagram account.

5. Content strategy and content plan for growing Instagram subscribers

You should always have a vision of the outcome you want to achieve. With an analysis of your page, determine time and day of the week when users respond best to your content.

Make a clear and consistent plan for posting, for example, for a month. Then you won't get lost in the flood of other things to do and can develop your Instagram profile consistently and methodically following clear guidelines.

A content plan can include a rubricator, hashtags, a description of the visual if it's not ready. This can form the basis for a creative specification.

And don't forget to be versatile. Try new things, test, and you will definitely succeed and increase the number of followers in your Instagram account.

Author: Alex Johnson
1 year ago
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