How to change your Instagram username

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Sometimes your username seems old-fashioned to you, or you just don’t like it after a few years of using Instagram. Fortunately, it is not difficult to change it at all.

Your Instagram username is an original and creative way to express your personality on social networks. You can use either your regular name or something completely new and unusual. Maybe since your registration on Instagram, you got married and want to change your last name, or grew out of the nickname you entered when you were a teenager, or you simply want to change it.

Compared to the Facebook service, which is strict in terms of changing a username, Instagram is more loyal, because there you have the opportunity to change your name as many times as you want; it can include numbers, punctuation marks, and either random or made-up words. Instagram provides complete freedom in choosing a nickname for its users.

To change your username on Instagram, you need to:

1. Open the Instagram mobile app.

2. Click on your profile in the lower right corner of the screen.

3. Click on the “Edit profile” button.

4. Enter a new username in the specified field.

When you write the name you want, Instagram will inform you whether it is already taken by some other user. After entering a new and unique name you came up with, confirm your choice by clicking on the checkmark.

If you suddenly realize that after choosing and changing your nickname you do not like it or just want to return to the old one, then do not worry. Instagram gives you the option to return your username within six days of changing it. However, after this period, another user may use your old username, and you will no longer be able to return it so quickly. So think carefully before changing your username.

You also have the option to change your real name on Instagram. If, for example, your real name is Christopher Krasinski, then you can choose ChrisTraveler as the username option. Anyway, your real name and username can be the same if you choose to.

The scheme for changing the real name on Instagram is no different from the previous one (changing the username):

  1. Go to the Instagram app.

  2. Click on your profile icon in the lower right corner of the app.

  3. Tap the “Edit profile” button.

  4. Enter a new name you want to see there.

However, there is a significant difference regarding the time frame in which you can undo changes to your real name versus your username: Instagram gives you the option to change your name only twice and within 14 days.

Author: Amy Maloney
1 year ago
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