How to get to the top of Instagram: 6 tips

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You don't need to know something supernatural to get to the top of Instagram. You just need to make mega-cool content. Below we will tell you how to do this in more detail.

The Instagram top is publications that have gained maximum activity (views, likes, comments) in a short time. The publications that are at the top are the same for all users, as they are selected according to hashtags and geolocations of the entire social network.

The recommendation feed (also called “popular”) includes the accounts that Instagram invites the user to follow. Unlike the top, recommendations are personalized, taking into account the interests of the user and his/her friends.

What publications are at the top

At the top is the content that was actively viewed, listened to, and commented on by your subscribers immediately after publication. How quickly all this should happen – in 10 minutes or a day, and what the exact number of activities should be cannot be counted, because Instagram does not disclose the exact numbers. However, we can say for sure that there are 2 reliable options for getting to the top.

1. You must have an army of thousands or millions of subscribers who will like the publication, and then it will go to the top.

2. You must have high-quality content and the right hashtag and/or geotag.

Let us remind you once again that the top is a selection of popular posts, not accounts, so you can become a leader by working on the content with high quality or by getting into the trends well, due to the newsbreak.

How to get to the top of Instagram in 2022

Tips may seem standard to you, but still, we recall the basic techniques.

  • Post content of high quality. It means content should be beautiful, clear, and meaningful, and you should publish it regularly. If photos and videos are exciting, surprising, and wonderful, don’t hesitate even for a second to publish them. Content should catch, excite, and impress.
  • Look for hype topics. Why not? Shock content and hype always cause a strong reaction among users of social networks. Just make sure that the shocking photo does not ruin your reputation and make people unfollow the page.
  • Make useful selections, life hacks, and checklists for people to bookmark.
  • Add hashtags and geotags. This is a must, so you will attract a new audience and new subscribers.
  • Communicate with subscribers, and like their comments. Come up with simple polls, stimulate discussions, and carry out raffles. If it’s possible, be active on the pages of subscribers.
  • Call to action. Remind subscribers about likes – at the end of the description of the publication, in the last card of the collection, and in the last three seconds of the Story. You can remind, for example, like this: “Do you like the content I make? Don’t forget to subscribe!"

In order not to miss the publication time, set up auto-posting through SMMplanner.

How to get to the top of Instagram by hashtags

For each post, relevant hashtags should be selected, so new users will find them on request. Keep in mind that for the top of the super popular hashtags you will have to compete with a huge number of posts, and it will be more difficult to get into the leaders.

Also keep in mind that if the tag is super popular, your post can be replaced in a matter of seconds. You’ll stay at the top for 5 seconds and then move down to the next position.

In this regard, it is better to select highly specialized, thematic hashtags. For example,



Also remember that Instagram algorithms lower the reach of posts that do not match the hashtag, so select tags according to the topic of the post.

Checklist. How to get to the top of Instagram

  • Publish high-quality photos and videos – beautiful, emotional and not blurred images.
  • Do not neglect hype topics.
  • Make useful things that subscribers want to add to “Saved”.
  • Add hashtags and geotags.
  • Call to action – like, comment, bookmark.
  • Communicate with subscribers.
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